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Unspoiled. Writers Speak for Florida’s Coast  is a new anthology that reminds Floridians why our state needs to retain its ban on offshore drilling: to protect our environmental and economic interests.

Unspoiled.,  spawned before the April 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, compiles 38 essays by writers, scientists and students, including paddleandpath.com’s Edward C. Woodward, who describes a day with his daughter revisiting an AmeriCorps beach nourishment project.

You can learn more about the anthology’s origin in an interview with co-editor Susan Cerulean. Proceeds benefit the Red Hills Writers Project.


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Paddle & Path

Welcome to Paddle & Path’s blog, where we explore Florida’s historic waterways and woods (check out paddleandpath.com for more stories and resources … we’re posting stories here so you can share your thoughts and experiences). Like you, we’d rather be paddling than typing these words. But words help us reflect on our experiences, which, unlike indigestion, can be enjoyed a second time.

Milking a food metaphor, hopefully you’ll be hungry to share your explorations or observations, too. So check out our sections at paddleandpath.com to find out where your work fits into our word buffet, then pitch a story to edward@paddleandpath.com .

Dig in and enjoy.

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